Oliver Morales Photography | About
“I’m classic, which you don’t see a lot in today’s exhibitions. I try to show beauty. I see it every day. I see compositions and colors, harmony between things, light and time, and I want to catch it. If I were to describe myself as an artist, I would say that I’m a poet without a clue about writing. I like to push the colors and compose, showing not only what I saw but what I felt, keeping reality the way I saw it.”

Oliver Morales was born in Spain in1973. He realized at a young age that he was good at photography and nursing. Both kept his mind reeling and his interest burning. He found a way to combine both over the past 10 years, helping hospice patients at work and spending all his free time with his art. Oliver has been chosen twice for his photography related to his nursing career: he won the Dr Negrin Hospital photography contest, and his work was used on the cover of the book, "Enfermeria en Cuidados Paliativos" (Nursing in Hospice Care). This year Oliver was in the finalist selection group of the 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest organized by Photographer’s Forum Magazine.