Oliver Morales Photography | New York
From Rockefeller CenterFrom Rockefeller Center

"New York is a port, we mustn't forget that, a publishing hub, an electronics and communications center. It is a magnet for university intellects. It is the destination of the ambitious youth of the country. It is the capital of art, theater, literature, social pretension and subway tunnel home life. It is the capital of Napoleonic real estate mongers, grandiose rag merchants, self-important sports reporters, and statesmen who retire here to rewrite their lamentable accomplishments. It is the capital of people who make immense amounts of money without producing anything. It is the capital of people who work very hard and end up broke and grey. It is the capital of boroughs of vast neighborhoods of nameless drab apartment houses where genius is born ever day. It is the capital of the contentious urban American mind that has never succumbed to a demagogue, a superpatriot, or a cleric who too confidently claims to speak for God. It is the capital of all music. It is the capital of exhausted trees."

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