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Chinatown, San Francisco, EEUUChinatown, San Francisco, EEUU
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Seeing the thumbnails, I felt as if I am looking atlovely pieces of colourful marble. Cant help but say, the pictures are exquisite
Oliver, Me gusta mucha todas las fotografias. That's all the spanish for now. But seriously, the images are beautiful and I especially loved Oeste as I am partial to the west, having traveled there many years ago. The sky is so close to the land and the land is so spare and simple. The roads I travelled on ran straight out into the horizon without an end in sight. I really admire and appreciate your work. I am going to share it with my daughter, who I know will really like it. Hasta proxima vez? ( until next time?)
Teena ( craiglist)(non-registered)
hi! very good job,. i like your pictures
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